What type of payment do you accept?
Cash or electronic payments via the booking site (using the card on file), Zelle, Venmo and CashApp.

How long will it take to get my makeup done?

That would depend on the type of look you want. It usually takes between an hour and an hour and 30, give or take a few minutes. If you want something extremely simple, it may take an hour or less. If you want something dramatic/bold with different colors or something that requires a lot of detail, it may take an hour and 30 minutes.

I have lash extensions, will that be an issue?

No, lash extensions are not an issue.

Do I need to shave or wax my face?

You don’t need to. This definitely isn’t something I require. But I will say, I have noticed a smoother, airbrushed finish when this is done at least 48 hours before an appointment. But whether you choose to or not, your makeup will be still be amazing either way!

What can I do prior to my appointment for the best makeup application?

I’d recommend exfoliating the week of your appointment and coming with your skin and lips moisturized.

Do you wear a mask when applying my makeup?

Yes, I do. I wear a mask the entire time.

Does your price come with lashes?

Yes! I have a wide range of styles to ensure the perfect fit your for your eyeshadow type and eye shape.

What is a touch-up kit?

It’s a complimentary kit I give all clients that includes extra lip color, disposable lip brushes, a pre-powdered puff in case of oiliness (if needed), and a makeup removing cloth.

Do I need to know the type of look I want?

It would be helpful if you had an idea or brought in a photo, but if not we can figure it out together at your appointment.

Will my makeup be ruined if I wear a mask afterwards?

All makeup applications are long lasting, even through gentle or regular mask wear. If a mask is pulled/dragged across the skin, it will cause a bit of transfer, but not enough to ruin your makeup application. To ensure your makeup stays as perfect as possible, gently place your mask on, gently take it off and avoid roughly dragging it across the skin.